The Lounge Theatre, Los Angeles, 2006
Samuel French Short Play Festival, New York City, 1999


In the last smoking bar in Santa Monica, a beautiful woman in a green evening dress sits alone, smoking and drinking martinis. She has a past, a secret, and no future. Watching her from the bar while he drinks doubles is a man with little to lose, who will stop at nothing to win her.

Published by Samuel French, Inc.


Written by Steven Fechter, The Last Cigarette is a brooding, moody and tantalizing exploration into the motives of why people say and do the things they do when playing the mating game. Folded between layers of metaphors, the language is seductive, the acting is riveting and the characters are modern incarnations of the great actors of the past in their great movies of yesteryear.


In this darkishly delicious slice of life, staged in film-noir wrappings, we are privy to a chance meeting of two lost and wanting souls, about to collide like two sinking ships passing in the night… In his directorial debut, Joey Tuccio seems to have a genuine grasp on playwright Steven Fechter’s understated tensions, softened by subtle and offhandish playful stylizations… Wonderfully measured turns by both actors make it impossible to presume the final outcome of this union till the play’s last seconds.

DAVID DEPINO, Backstage West